Is the open bar enough of a reason to go to these things? As my ten year high school reunion approaches I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit hesitant on going. Is it cool to go to these functions or is it super lame?  

Even if you can get past the whole "lame or cool argument", I  just feel that in 2017 with how big social media is, we don't need them anymore.

I've stayed in touch with just about anyone I've ever wanted to and unfortunately I'm friends with a lot of my old classmates. With constant status updates and shared family pictures along with their work situation and marital status all on Facebook, I don't think there's much for us to talk about. A lot of the mystery is gone and there wouldn't be much need for reminiscing.

Thankfully, I got a of help from you guys.

Here's what you had to say:

"Hey it's Nick from k-town and I didn't even get an invite to my 10 year high school reunion. I graduated in 03 so it's been a while".
"I went to my 15 and 30. I enjoyed them."
I graduated 2005 and I didn't even think twice to say no. I saw all the people I graduated through work parties and bars I know Facebook all the time that's why there's a timeline if it wasn't for Facebook I probably would of considered it."
"I graduated in 2005 and I did not even consider going to the 10 year reunion."
"Since you have a rough time talking or meeting new women. Maybe there is a high school crush you could restart a fire with."
And here's the comment of the day:
"I would never go to my high school reunion and I NEVER take my current boyfriend. It would be so awkward to run into all the guys I hooked up with".
What do you think? is Facebook ruing our real life social interaction? In this particular case, is it a  bad thing?