If you can't eat them you might as well join them. Not only will they taste good but it will leave your clothes smelling delicious. Is this story worthy of Trump's Fake News Award?

With the recent trend sweeping the where kids are challenged to eat Tide Pods filled with laundry detergent Tide has been given the task to make a non toxic and consumable product.

In response, Tide is currently working with Hungry Man to make a high caloric and delicious line of new pods.

The three initial flavors will include Beef & Enchilada, Salisbury Steak and for a few extra dollars you can get Pasta with Lamb Ragu.

The new pods are guaranteed to clean your clothes and leave them smelling delicious.

In light of President Trump's Fake News awards I thought that it was only fair to throw my hat into the ring. To my knowledge, Tide is not working with any food companies to make their detergent edible but wouldn't it be interesting?