Back in October I went for my first 'salt soak' and it was a pretty awesome experience to literally sit back, float, and relax for an hour.

Now, floating in a dark chamber filled with water and salts is certainly not for everyone, definitely not my sister.  She was interested in the benefits of the salt experience but didn't want to do the floating thing.  For Christmas she gifted me a salt therapy experience and we finally went and cashed in on that earlier today, and i'll tell you, this is something I can get used to.

This time there was no water, but instead we went into a dimly lit room that had a bunch of those zero gravity chairs, salt covered floor (yes, like a giant salty sandbox) and Himalayan salt blocks on the wall.  We were told that there was a machine would then grind up salts and send these micro particles into the air to clear us out, help reduce stress, all that good stuff - this was followed by a warning that sometimes people get a runny nose or sneeze as a result.

No biggie, let's do it.

No more than 30 seconds into our experience I turned to my sister who was getting her zen on across the room (we were the only 2 signed up for this particular time slot) and asked if she thought it would be appropriate to make some salt angels.  She was not amused.


For 45 minutes we enjoyed some quiet time, and I say some lightly because I have a hard time not laughing, or talking...we definitely felt relaxed at the end, and i'll tell you that my skin definitely feels great.

I would totally go back for another round of salt therapy, and think it would be awesome to go with a group of people, and even better accompanied by a glass of wine :)