There are treasures hiding right under our feet here in New York, and many are free for the taking.

There are more than 7,500 bodies of water in New York State, and besides relaxation and beautiful views, many lakes offer something else: amazing rocks and gemstones. While deep-glowing agates have been hunted for years, a new type of rock has recently been discovered that you need to see to believe.

Photos of phosphorescent rocks known as "yooperlites"
A new glowing rock has recently been discovered on the rocky shores on at least one New York lake (The Crystal Collecter via YouTube)

"Glowing" Rocks Found in New York State

Gemstones range from famous diamonds and rubies to the lesser-known amethysts and opals. Many are beautifully-colored, and all have been created over a dizzying amount of years deep under the earth's surface. The star of the show today, however, isn't a gem at all; it's a rather unassuming rock that completely transforms under ultraviolet (UV) light.

Photos of phosphorescent rocks known as "yooperlites"
Under a UV light, the fluorescent sodalite in these rocks glow like lava (The Crystal Collecter via YouTube)

Finding "Yooperlites" in New York State

"Yooperlites" is the name attached to the stones that were reportedly discovered by Erik Rintamaki on the shores of Lake Superior. The small rocks are classified as “syenite rock rich with fluorescent sodalite”, which means that while they look unassuming during the day, a UV flashlight can make them glow so bright that many look like red-hot lava (below).

Where to Find Fluorescent Rocks in New York State

These fascinating rocks are found most abundantly in North America's great lakes, including on the New York shores of Lake Ontario (below). Rock lovers who don't want to spend their nights on the beach can also purchase the rocks directly online.

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