Many residents have complained about the awful sounds this animal makes and how they can be heard at night in the Hudson Valley. .

This is a sound I will never forget....

Thankfully it's summer and that means I'm trying to get outside as much as humanly possible. A lot of times at night I go walking and it's a very peaceful and relaxing way to end a long day. The other night I was walking with a few friends and they decided to head back a little bit earlier. I still had a couple loops left in me so I kept going, but for a few seconds I almost wished I hadn't...

All of a sudden, I heard this awful SCREECHING SOUND coming from the wooded areas and it literally stoped me frozen right in my tracks. It took me a few seconds to kind of regroup, but then I started to get really concerned. I hate to say this, but the sound sounded like someone was getting attacked, I was about to grab my phone out of my pocket to call for help when someone came running out of their home near me.

She said, "that darn fisher cat is out again, I can't believe how horrible it sounds". I felt a little relieved that someone knew what was going on, but I did decide to cut my walk a bit shorter.

What is a fisher cat?


For those who don't know, Fisher Cats are mostly found in wooded area (makes sense why the sound was coming out of the woods). Male and female Fisher cats pretty much look the same their diet consists of small animals, fruit and mushrooms. The good things is unprovoked attacks on humans seem to be rare, but if they are cornered they will fight back. So it's best to keep your distance...

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So why do Fisher Cats make that horrible sound? According to officials, they are generally pretty quite creatures during everyday life. However, they do make a screaming sound (which I heard the other day) and that usually means they are under extreme stress or an unusual circumstance.  Screaming like that is generally pretty rare for them and it doesn't happen as much as people think.

I just hope the Fisher Cat I heard was okay.

Also, please don't harm any animals you come across here in the Hudson Valley.

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