We know that the misuse of drugs, both recreational and prescription is a major concern both here in the Hudson Valley, and globally.  When it comes to prescription drugs that you might have sitting in in the back of a closet, or taking up valuable space in the medicine cabinet, do you know of where to and how to safety dispose of unused mediations Another local town in our area has announced that beginning October 24th, they will open to the public, a permanent drug disposal receptacle for the safe disposal of medications.

Town of Fishkill Police Department Home to Drug Disposal Receptacle

The Town of Fishkill Police Department, beginning on Monday October 24, 202, will open to the public a permanent drug disposal receptacle, at their 801 Rt. 52 barracks location.  In working with CAPE, the Council on Addiction Prevention & Education of Dutchess County, Fishkill PD says that they are 'pleased to be part of this critical initiative to address substance abuse in our community and to save lives through the power of local drug take back and disposal opportunities offered year-round, to complement the important existing national event.'

The receptacle will be located in the lobby of the Town of Fishkill Police Department, and it should be noted that those planning to drop off prescription medicines should be sure to remove any and all personal information on the bottle labels and any medicine packaging. Also, the receptacles are not designed or equipped to accept hypodermic needles or other sharp objects.


CAPE in Dutchess County

CAPE, which also operated out of Fishkill, was formerly known as the Dutchess County Council on Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency, Inc., and is a 501(c)3 organization that has been around since the late 1980s.  The Council provides educational and prevention services across the county, specifically working with businesses, community organizations, schools and agencies.


The Town of Fishkill Police Department works closely with CAPE to develop and implement strategies to address the opioid, stimulant, and substance abuse epidemic in our jurisdiction. This project will enhance our efforts to tackle the substance abuse crisis by adding drug take back and disposal capabilities to benefit the Town of Fishkill and Dutchess County.

Town of Fishkill Police Thank Lieutenant, CAPE Board Member For Leadership

When sharing the information about the new drug disposal receptacle, the Town of Fishkill PD expressed their thanks to their own Craig Wood, Lieutenant, and CAPE member Dora Celestino who are the ones responsible for acquiring the receptacle unit to be used in Fishkill.  They also highlighted Councilmembers John Forman, Brian Wrye and Carmine Istvan 'for their encouragement and support of the project.'

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