Drive safe. Your commute home in some areas of the Hudson Valley could be hazardous today.

Parts of the Hudson Valley could see some heavy rain. A flash flood warning is in effect in some parts of the area until this evening.

The Hudson Valley has been experiencing some exceptionally hot weather lately. The extreme heat spell is being  broken up by a storm that might not only cool us off but drench us as well.

According to Accuweather, the National Weather Service in Albany has issued a flash flood watch is in effect for both Eastern New York and Western Massachusetts. The watch includes Dutchess, Ulster, Greene and Columbia Counties. The flood watch began on June 8 just after 1:00 PM and will continue until 10 PM tonight.

According to, a flood warning is in effect for parts of Middletown. A flood Advisory is in effect for parts of Monticello.

Please drive safe and take precautions when driving in these areas.

If you travel through heavy rain here are some things to be aware of. According to tips shared by Driving Tests, they advise you to wait the storm out if it's possible. Be sure to check your windshield wipers and lights before you head on the roadways. Be sure that your headlights are on. Make sure they are working properly. Drive slow and don't rush to avoid an accident. Be sure to keep a good distance between the car ahead of you.

With lighting, heavy wind and hard rain there could also be debris in the road as well.

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