So you have thought about leaving your full time job and having a food truck business. I can see it, you make your own hours, you bring your creative insight into tasty foods and share them (at a cost) with other people.

Have you looked into the cost of a food truck? I did. I looked in the one spot that everyone lists everything for sale, Craigslist Hudson Valley. This particular food truck is set up for ice cream, but it looks like it could be modified to create other foods. According to the listing, this is what your purchase would get you:

  • 99k miles on truck. Works great
  • 1999 Work horse
  • Dipping Cabinet
  • Taylor Soft Serve Machine
  • Bain Marie
  • Work Top Fridge
  • 3 Comp Sink
  • Hand Wash Sink
  • Counter with Storage Underneath
  • Electrical Panel
  • Diamond Plate Floor
  • 1-year-old paint job
  • Brand New Tires
  • and not 1, but 2 Generators

What is your food truck dream? Tacos? Hot Dogs? Empanadas? Did you look at the listing? Is it going for $1 if you live in the state of Connecticut and $25,000 if you live anywhere else?