So the summer is here and you either A, want to have 2 months of ice cream supplies at your finger tips, to include cones, sprinkles, cups, toppings, etc or B, you want to own a business that will bring smiles to hundreds of faces per day. Which one is it? To be honest, it could be both. This food truck is listed on Craigslist for $20,000. According to the listing, you will need to get your health permit, but other than that you will have a business that is 'ready to eat', um, ready to go.

Here is what is included on the truck:

  • 1980 Grumman
  • Has Rebuilt Motor
  • Older Electrofreeze ice-cream machine with 3 heads
  • Roof Air Conditioner
  • Under counter refrigerator
  • Under counter and above head storage compartments
  • 3 Bay Sink
  • Brand New Hot Water Heater
  • Water Tank
  • Onan Gas Generator
  • Waste Tank
  • Dip Machine
  • Shake Maker

If you were to own this ice cream food truck, would you use it to make money? Or to eat your weight in profits?

Bonus Video: WRRV Morning Grind