If you're ready to be absolutely terrified to the point where you can't control your bodily functions, well, Forest of Fear has you covered.

The Hudson Valley is a place with a lot of history, a lot of alleged ghosts, and a lot of open space. So, yeah, this time of year there's a whole lot of people who are looking to use all of those things to scare you to a degree you didn't know existed.

Making their case for the scariest haunted house in the Hudson Valley, Forest of Fear seeks to make you urinate upon yourself.

No, they literally do. To them, the highest achievement, the pinnacle, the apex, the championship belt of their craft is to scare you so deeply to your core, to the essence of your being, that it causes you to lose control of your bladder and/or bowels. Look, we all have our ideas of success.

And if this commercial is any indication, they're taking their goal of scaring you into the next dimension very, very seriously:

Check out their interview with Brandi and myself on WRRV here: