Within the span of 10 days, Mondo Cozmo was in Los Angeles to play Jimmy Kimmel, Canada twice, New York twice, oh and Virginia too. One of those trips to New York included his debut performance at WRRV Sessions.

Mondo's debut album will be out this summer. It was originally supposed to be an EP, but based off of the success of the lead single 'Shine', they are now working on a full length album.

After the performance, Josh met and took pictures with everybody. If you were in on the meet and greet your photos are below. If there's any issues, shoot us a message over on Facebook.

Mondo's appearance at WRRV Sessions was an off night of their run of shows with Bastille. The following night, Josh was invited out on stage at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn to perform with Bastille during the Pompeii encore.