If the project is approved it will bring more jobs to the Hudson Valley.

The Town of East Fishkill dropped some pretty big news on us yesterday. According to a press release on the Town of East Fishkill's website, another large company wants to move into the iPark facility off I-84.

Town Supervisor Nicholas D’Alessandro announced that Rolling Frito-Lay Sales has applied for a new fulfillment center in East Fishkill. Frito-Lay Sales, a subsidiary of PepsiCo has applied for the use of a 150,000 sq ft space at the IPark. If they are approved, project will bring many financial benefits and a boost to the local economy.

The new location at the IPark in East Fishkill was confirmed by Councilman Anil Beephan Jr.

“We are excited to see our pro-business and smart development initiatives come to fruition. While we are very early on in the process, I am looking forward to welcoming 80-100 high paying jobs to our community as well as $100 million in investments to an abandoned brown site.”

- Councilman Anil Beephan Jr.

According to the release, Frito-Lay along with PepsiCo donated millions of dollars globally to COVID-19 relief efforts and millions of Frito-Lay products were donated to communities in need.

This news hits almost 6 months after the Town of Fishkill approved the new Amazon facility at the old IMB campus.

"The Town government will continue to work with the public and private entities to keep East Fishkill a great place to live." - Nicholas D’Alessandro, Town Supervisor

We'll keep you notified as more updates from the project are made available.

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