Have you visited "The Happiest Place On Earth"? Make sure you bring more money.

The cost of visiting Disneyland in Anaheim California just went up, again. Disneyland has increased the price of admission approximately 8% from the 2018 rates.

Tickets come in three levels: Values, Regular and Peak. Single-day 'Value' tickets will now cost you $104 (a $7 increase from $97). 'Regular' tickets now cost $129 (a $12 increase from $117) for adult admission to one park. 'Peak' pricing, which is the busiest days at the park, think summer, holidays etc will now cost you $149 per adult and $141 per child.

If you are looking to get some savings, you can look into the park hopper tickets, as well as multi-day passes and even an annual pass. The tip here is to plan, plan, plan in advance to know exactly what you need before you buy it.

Want a shock? In 2000, it only cost you $43 to get a one-day adult ticket to the park. In the defense of Disney, they have continued to add huge attractions to the park almost every year so there is even more to see, but is it worth the daily cost? Only you can decide.

Do you have tips for traveling to Disney? Land or World? What are the best times to travel with kids and when is the park the 'quietest?' Let us know. 

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