If you have tried one of these beverages, let me know how they taste.

So before we start, this is not a knock towards anyone who doesn't drink or can't drink alcoholic beverages. Everyone had the right to do what's best for them without judgement from anyone.

I'm just curious if this drink really is popular, who buys it and their reasoning behind purchasing it.

I was recently grocery shopping at my local grocery store and of course I went right to the beer section, it's been a long week. Summer is the best time for SO MANY REASONS and one of them is that my favorite lemon flavored beers come out. One taste and instantly your transported to tropical island where it's nice and sunny out.

So I was browsing all the isles and I noticed something that was pretty strange.

Why are Hudson Valley grocery stores selling these beverages?

Again, not knocking anyone who doesn't drink. I love a good cocktail or beer, but never push them on people who don't drink for their own reasons.

Back to the story, I noticed towards the right of the freezer there was a six pack of beer, but it looked a bit different, I noticed another one, another one, another one...finally it dawned on me that it wasn't just normal beer and there was something very different about it.

The beer selection here ranged from a non-alcoholic Corona, to a non-alcoholic Blue Moon and even more big brand names.

It made me wonder why someone would buy it. I like a good beer, but without the buzz I'm not sure I'd willingly want to have one for just the flavor. That's just me...

Why is non-alcoholic beer becoming popular in the Hudson Valley?


It seems like it's becoming more popular recently because I have never noticed this many options in this particular store before and I've been shopping there for years. So, I needed to find out more about it and see what's up. According to officials, non-alcoholic beer is becoming more popular because people still face a stigma about not drinking and this way it still allows people to be social and dodge some questions about not drinking.

Officials also say that there's been a push to become more healthy and this helps people cut down on drinking a bit. Pretty much carrying a non-alcoholic beer around gets everyone off your back and stops all the questioning.

You can be at a party, carry around a non-alcoholic beer and it looks so similar that nobody would think twice about it. For whatever you decide, we hope you're healthy and we are glad there are some non-alcoholic options for people who want them.

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