Ah yes, we've officially reached that time of year when parents of the Hudson Valley leap out of bed, with mere minutes to spare, and run frantically around their homes to find that beloved holiday elf, and figure out what the heck to do with it before the kids feet hit the ground and the day is off to a crazy start.

That was me, this morning, as I heard my daughter coming down the stairs at 900 miles per hour screaming "Coco, Coco are you here?!" Someone mentioned it to her during Thanksgiving, that our dear Elf on the Shelf friend was scheduled to make his big appearance today (hey, thanks!).  Can she remember to pick up the toys I just asked her to? No. Or how about where to hang her coat when we come in the house?  Not a chance.  When someone mentions this elf though, all of a sudden her memory is in tip top shape.

Lucky for me I found the Elf fairly easily this morning down in the basement, tied him to his elf grappling rope that came in a kit I bought last year on clearance after Christmas, and ran out of the room in time for her to record her finding him dangling from the light in the kitchen with a gift for her (because apparently that's something I was informed the elf does as well, bring gifts). I lucked out again that I bought some additional clearance elf merch and packed it away with Coco last year.  Anyway, day one and we are off and running with our New York Yankee loving elf.


So, fellow Hudson Valley elf hustlers, let's share our best tricks, tips, and ideas for surviving the season this year, I know some of you have some awesome ideas and best practices.

Oh, and if you really want to take your elf-game to the next level, don't forget about iHop's special seasonal elf menu, now through January 1st.