Have you been a Ebay.com user? Did you even know that they had a site called Half.com? I have been using Half.com for years, selling DVD's, CD's and used books. No, I am not trying to make a million dollars, just getting rid of things that I was no longer using. Last month, I got an email from Half.com, saying that as of August 31, 2017, they will stop selling items and (paraphrased) no longer exist.

Did I sell a lot? Can't say that I did. I probably had 100 items listed on the site across the formats. Every once in awhile, I would get an email, saying that an item had sold and that I need to package and ship it.

Then two weeks later I would get the money deposited into my account. Simple, right? Apparently, Half.com is not generating enough business. When you had previously gone to buy a used book or DVD was Half.com one of the websites that you had searched? Or did you go directly to Amazon.com?

Is there a website that you want to share with us for buying used books, DVD's or CD's?