It has come to our attention that more than 50% of women in relationships keep a shocking secret. What is it and does it affect you? Maybe us guys should do the same. Or maybe we already do.

According to Daily Mail, researchers have uncovered a statstic that may make guys a bit uneasy. They revealed that over half of women that are in a relationship have a back up plan or a "plan B" if you will.

Although, it is hard to argue with science I had a different hypothesis. I do believe that 50% of women in relationships have a back up but I also believe that guys do to. I don't believe the concept of emotional security is gender specific. Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated.

If your relationship is a bit rocky, I think it's okay to have a close friend or an old fling to keep on the back burner as long as you don't act on it.

What do you think? Do you agree or is this a form of cheating?