There are hundreds of farms scattered across the Hudson Valley in every county. Some farms specialize in fruits, others in veggies and some in dairy.

These farms all have something unique that makes them special to the Hudson Valley, but one Orange County farm has a little extra pizzaz on its property.

While celebrating National Farmer's Day (October, 12th), one of our listeners named Kim called in to shout out her favorite farmer. That farmer happens to be her father, Rocco Manno of Manno Farm in Warwick.

Manno's daughter told us that at 89 years old, her father is still out there working every day in the tractor even after a difficult battle with COVID-19.

So we went on over to check out Manno Farm on Facebook. We learned that Manno Farm is a dairy farm nestled in at 221 Kings Highway in Warwick. We also learned that Manno Farm is home to an Elvis mural, with a few other familiar faces.

According to Facebook user John Graves, Manno Farm is looking for photos visitors may have taken with the Elvis mural in the background.  A sign at the farm reads:

We are documenting all the pictures taken of the Elvis Mural for a book for family. If you have taken a picture of yourself, your car or motorcycle, pet, a picture of the mural from your own artist eye and anything else please share.

You can email your photos to and a QR code can be found on the Manno Farm Facebook page.

Apparently, the mural has had 3 different looks since 1996. Did you take a photo in front of the mural at one point in time? Does it look different now than it did then?

We'd love to see your photos!

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