Legend has it a hobgoblin occupies the steeple of a Hudson Valley church and reportedly disrupts church services to this day with the sound of loud snoring.

Empire Explorer tells the tale of the hobgoblin that once occupied Dunderberg Mountain in Peekskill. A minister from the Old Dutch Church in Kingston was sailing north on the Hudson River after a visit to New York City. The infamous hobgoblin was known for causing trouble for ships by bringing on terrible weather as they passed.

As the ship the minister was traveling on passed Dunderberg, sure enough, the hobgoblin sprung into action and brought on a huge storm before crawling down the mast and taking over the vessel. The minister acted quickly and performed an exorcism to chase the hobgoblin off. But before the ghoul could be repelled, it grabbed a hat off the minister's wife's head.

The hat was found the next day some 60 miles away at the minister's church in Kingston. Reportedly upon setting the hat down on the steeple, the hobgoblin became entrapped and remains there to this day.

Guided tours of the Old Dutch Church are offered year round. Do you believe in the legend of the hobgoblin?

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