Have you seen this yet? It's the latest craze on social media. Maybe you've tried it already. If not, you're missing out on some good old fashioned fun.

Sometimes these new internet trends are just ridiculous but sometimes they are just down right fun.

The "floor is lava game" is exactly how it sounds. The floor instantly becomes lava and well, you need to get off the floor as quickly as you can.  This game has plagued our radio station.

I'm glad it did. This was a game most of us played as kid and it's always fun to act like a kid again. Brandi surprised the intern, Max and I in the WRRV studio and again in the break room. It's a fun game but it can be a bit tricky in the work place. If you want to feel young again and have a bit of fun. Play the game. You'll get a great laugh. Just be safe.