The Hudson Valley is in the middle of a heat wave and one county is taking extra precautions to help protect residents. It's definitely summertime here in the Hudson Valley and if you take a look at the temperatures for the upcoming week you'll notice their very high.

I'm a huge fan of the warm weather and heat, but people especially the elderly and young children need to be careful when the temperatures hit the high 90s. Due to the heat, Ulster County has activated its cooling center and wants residents to come to use it if they need it.


Where is the cooling center in Ulster County located?

It's being held at 2nda Iglesia La Mision Church at 80 Elmendorf Street in Kingston. The cooling center is open daily from 9:00 am-7:00 pm from July 19th-July 27th. That's a great window of time to get there if you need it.

Who can use the cooling centers?

They are free to use and this one is operated by Catholic Charities. Anyone who is in need of shelter can come to the cooling center. It's a great tool for those who need to beat the heat. No one should be stuck inside and suffering.

Other places to stay cool in the Hudson Valley:

You can never have enough choices when it comes to staying cool.Having kids can make it tough to keep them occupied and out of the sun, but there are a ton of great choices here. Just to name a few, you can bowl, go to the library and see a movie. Click here to find out more.

Stay safe out there with these high temperatures. Remember to drink tons of water, stay in the shade when possible, wear sunscreen, and look out for the elderly and young children.

Since we are talking about helping others, here are ways to help your neighbor and free libraries in the area:

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Looking for a way to make a difference here in the Hudson Valley? You don't have to spend money, maybe just a few hours per week of your time. Here are a few ways:

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