This is a problem I never thought I would have.

I think a sign of being older is growing to love foods you never liked. As a kid, I was the pickiest eater in the world. Hated fruit (still do), can't stand canned tuna (still can't), and HATED green vegetables (besides broccoli). But now, I have an addiction to one of my arch-nemesis from my childhood dinner plate: brussel sprouts.

You know you've gotten older when you are excited to get some fresh brussel sprouts from the farmer's market. Every week, I buy fresh brussel sprouts. And for some meals, I'm more excited about the sprouts than I am anything else. The other night, I had a scalloped potato-ham bake with a side of brussel sprouts. Honestly, I wanted to eat the entire pan of brussel sprouts more than anything else. Sadly, I had to share with my boyfriend.

In my sprout addiction, I haven't really ventured out too far with recipes. My go-to is roasting them with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I like putting garlic powder on them too. If I sautee them, I'll use minced garlic, butter, and olive oil. I've even roasted them with parmesan cheese before.

The first time I had brussel sprouts was at some fancy pizzeria in Boston. Weird, I know. But they were roasted in garlic and parmesan. I was suspicious going into it, but haven't turned back since.

Do you suddenly love something you always hated as a kid? Are you team brussel sprout? Have any good recipes for brussel sprouts to share with me? Comment below or on our Facebook to let us know.

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