Before starting this article, I should clarify: I'm not trying to hustle the Girl Scouts. Ideally, you buy your cookies from them, the organization gets their share, you get your cookies, the Girl Scouts grow up to be respectable and upstanding members of our society, and everyone wins. In fact, here's a link to find out where and how you can make that happen.

Unfortunately, though, I legitimately have no idea when Girl Scout cookie season is.

UPDATE: Throughout the course of writing this article, a coworker asked me if I was interested in buying Girl Scout cookies. Life is weird.

So, since Girl Scout cookie season seems to be a floating, ethereal concept that varies from location to location, and because sometimes you just need to get your fix, I've found this video that I will share with you. Here's how to make Thin Mints at home.

Let's go.

For the full list of ingredients and instructions, go here.

Oh, and since I've got you here and we're talkin' Girl Scout cookies, here's a handy article I wrote about pairing Hudson Valley beer with different Girl Scout cookies.