Maybe you missed the "brush off of the century" or maybe you just thought it was hysterical. Comedy legend, Jerry Seinfeld utterly embarrassed the pop singer, Kesha.

To be fair Jerry Seinfeld is a giant who's responsible for engraving so many great memories into our brains from "No soup for you!" to "Who are these people?". The Seinfeld series was on for a great run with an astonishing nine seasons.

Kesha was a big deal about 10 years ago but lately she's only been in the news over her lawsuit with her record company.

Who would have thought that Kesha was such a huge Seinfeld fan? Kesha interreupted Jerry Seinfeld during his interview and got the most awkward Seinfeld experience a fan could ask for.

Long story short, Seinfeld isn't much of a hugger and he's not much of a fan of Kesha. In fact, he had no clue who she was.

Kesha rudely interrupted but come on. Don't deny a fan a good hug. It's when they start asking for other stuff that makes them upset.



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