Oh man, we've all been there: you're rushing to get to work on time--or in a parking lot outside of work trying to get home as quickly as possible--and just as you get into your car, you realize you can't see a thing. The windshield and windows are all fogged up and you need to get this thing taken care of quickly because you're already running late.

I've tried every possible method and combination of settings and until I saw this video, I still had no idea. Check this out; not only does it tell you the best way to get it done in a hurry, it's entertaining and gives you the reasons behind why you should do it a certain way. Plus, a few handy tricks that you can do to help in your de-fogging attempts.

The guy who made this video, Mark Rober, is a former NASA engineer (he worked on the Curiosity rover) who went on to quick e-fame with this amazing Halloween costume:

Now he makes videos to help you in practical ways. Thanks, ex-NASA dude!