So you have been in this situation. You are running late for work, you get out to your car and the windows are all frosted over. You can't see a thing and you have got to get to work? What do you do?

How can you get your windows cleared off as quickly as possible? No, you shouldn't just try to clear that small little circle in the drivers side of the windshield you should allow for enough time to make sure that you can get the entire windshield de-iced or de-fogged.

Here is a video from a guy who is way smarter than most of us. Heck, he works for NASA. Not only does he give you the best combination of what you need to do to be able to see enough to drive safely, he also explains why you need to do it that way. Yes, it takes a few minutes to get to the good part aka what you need to do to make your window defog faster, but the scientific info is pretty cool if you can bear with it.

Plus he tells you why your window even fogs up in the first place as well as a few tips to keep it from happening in the future. Will you try these tips or just keep driving with the small little hole that you manage to clear out of the drivers side window?

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