It's one of the few TikTok trends we had to jump on and give it a little Hudson Valley twist.

If you've been on social media the last few weeks you might have seen a rating system being thrown around. For example, the rating statement would start with he or she and then continue "are a (number 1 through 10) BUT..." and you have to fill in the blank. Then another person will respond with either a higher or lower number than you gave them.

So here are some examples that I've seen on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter:

He's a 4, but he's 6 foot. (Many replied that he is now a 10.)

She's a 7, but she cooks. (Apparently, guys love this and it makes her a 10.)

He's a 10, but he doesn't have social media. (According to some, this is a red flag and drops him down to a 5).

I don't make the rules, but we thought we would have some fun and put a Hudson Valley Spin on it. So we came up with a few of our own:

She's a 4 but can get you free ice cream/coffee at Stewart's. (She's a 10.)

He's a 10, but he likes weaving in and out of traffic on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie during Rush Hour. (He's a 2.)

She's a 10 but doesn't like going to Rossi's Deli. (She's a 0.)

Remeber this is all in good fun. So we want to know what are your Hudson Valley Ratings. Text us and let us know!

If you need some inspiration here are a few submissions from this morning:

He's/She's a 10 But...Hudson Valley Edition

You've seen the "He's a 10 BUT..." trend on TikTok, so we figured we would give it a Hudson Valley spin. What does your Hudson Valley rating system look like?

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