The DEC has opened its first-ever public archery range that is family-friendly.

The Saratoga Sand Plains Archery Range is located in the town of Wilton in Saratoga County. The range features 16 targets ranging from five to 50 yards, eight adult lanes, four youth lanes, and four lanes accessed by an elevated platform. The elevated platform is great for hunters to practice shot that simulate what it's like to shoot from a tree stand. It allows hunters to practice shots from certain yardages and angles, promoting safer shot placements.


Archers that do use the elevated platform must use a full-body harness and connect to the carabiners on the platform. The range was funded by the Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Program, New York State, and the Town of Wilton. The area was cleared by the town and features a 50-year archery range. There are 16-targets, which include eight adult lanes ranging from 15 to 50-yards, and four youth lanes ranging from 5 to 20-yards.

Arrows from bows of 30-pound draw weight or more may only be shot into the targets on the adult range. Arrows from bows of less than 30-pound draw weight may be shot into targets on the youth or adult range. Additionally, Only arrows with field or target points may be used or possessed on the range. No broadheads may be possessed on the range, except by permit.

The archery range is close to several schools that participate in the National Archery in the Schools Program and is a good location for the Saratoga County 4H Shooting Sports and DEC bowhunter education classes. There are many rules for people who want to enjoy the archery range, and you can view the rules on the DEC's website.

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