Hobby Lobby made a surprising announcement recently about a significant increase in their employee's wages. Don't tell my wife this or she'll force me to work their part-time for the discounts.

Hobby Lobby has decided to pay their employees more during a time where many businesses are scaling back their expenses.

It's not a secret that the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on several businesses in the Hudson Valley and even in the entire country. Many businesses have scaled back they budgets or were forced to close entirely. Many industries have struggled since March.

According to Fox Business News, Hobby Lobby has decided to raise their minimum wage for employees to $17 an hour. The new pay increase is set to begin on October 1 and will hopefully help out as the holiday season approaches.

If you know someone who is searching for work you may wan to let them know what Hobby Lobby could be a good place to look.

There are two Hobby Lobby locations in the Hudson Valley. There is one in Poughkeepsie and another in Middletown.


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