Tis' the season for the yearly battle over candy corn - there's no real middle ground through right, people either love it or hate it.

There are certain people here at the radio station who are clearly, not fans at all of the insanely sweet corn or pumpkin shaped treats, and it seems like this isn't an uncommon feeling this year, as candy corn has officially been named America's least favorite candy for 2019.

The research was extensive and quite scientific for this oh so important candy ranking, as an article published on parents.com discussed this intensive hybrid study that was conducted by CandyStore.com.

According to Parents,

The survey isn't totally based off individual people's responses, either—while the website's published results did incorporate results from 30,000 customers who have purchased candy from them, the survey incorporated rankings from popular magazines and news sources. Twelve different rankings from websites including BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and Bon Appétit were rolled into their results, which complemented the data they gathered by asking shoppers their preferences.

In the end, candy corn officially took the top of the worst list spot, dethroning those orange  circus peanuts that nobody really knows what to do with.  You can check out the full top 10 worst list here, along with the other side of the survey, the top 10 favorites as well.

Let's see where the Hudson Valley stands with their candy corn preferences - are we in line with the survey results, or are we defying odds?  Vote in our facebook poll!