Just how much are you paying for cable? Do you feel like it's worth it? 

If you have basic cable and premium packages for your TV, I just assume you are a millionaire. Also, I think we should be friends so you can invite me over to watch Game of Thrones.


Sadly, premium channels are a luxury that I can't afford. I'm almost at the point where I don't even feel like paying for the basic channels.

A lot people have cut the cord on cable and have decided to go with just having the internet. Does anyone really watch television channels live anymore or do they just use DVR or steam their favorite shows?

It's pretty easy to find a replacement for your video entertainment but how do you get live news. Have you heard of Cheddar.com? It's the internet's answer to cable news. It bills itself as "The Leading Post Cable Network". The website has a constant feed of news live 24/7. Oh, and it's free. There's no subscription necessary.

Is this the future of how we catch the news? Will the internet replace cable news channels? Should it?