You know it's expensive to live in the Hudson Valley, but do you know just how expensive?

Housing costs are an issue across the country, but it's common knowledge downstate New York is one of the most expensive areas to live in New York State. Patch reports that an average 40 hour per week worked couldn't afford a decent two-bedroom apartment in any state. The state average wage needed to rent is $30.76, but the national wage average is $22.96.

According to Patch, to rent a two bedroom apartment in Putnam County of the lower Hudson Valley region, you need to make an hourly wage of $35.21, or have an annual salary of $73,240. This means that you need an average of 3.2 full-time jobs. The average two-bedroom apartment in Putnam County costs $1,831. For Westchester County, which is also part of the lower Hudson Valley, you need an hourly wage of $34.13 to afford a two bedroom apartment, with an annual salary of $71,000. To achieve that, you would need roughly 3.1 full-time jobs. The cost of a two bedroom apartment averages at $1,775.

For the Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Middletown metro area, Patch reports that you need an hourly wage of $25.88, or an annual salary of $53,840 to afford a two-bedroom apartment that costs an average of $1,346. This means you need 2.3 full-time jobs. For Kingston, the average two-bedroom apartment costs $1,210. You would need an hourly wage of $23.27, or a salary of $48,400, and 2.1 full-time jobs.

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