At least once a week I inspect my car to when she’s due for her next car wash. Yes, my car is is a girl and has her own name. I’ve always heard that it’s important to wash our vehicles during the winter to get rid of the salt, sand and ice. I admit it; I take my car to the wash once a week. There’s something about a fresh wash that makes any car look brand new.

For the most part, you should wash your vehicle at least 10-12 days during the winter.  If you notice that there is more salt on your car then the closer to 10 days is the better outcome. Frequent washing can also prevent rust buildup leading to long term damage.

Try not to wash your car in any temperatures below freezing. There is a chance that your doors and or handles could freeze.

Don’t forget to also clean the inside of your vehicle as well. I noticed that my mats became so dirty from all of the ice and salt that was on my shoes. Instead of washing my mats at home, I take my car to a car wash and they have the option of washing and vacuuming them there. If you don’t have rubber floor mats I would suggest purchasing them since they are easier to clean.

I would say that your best move is to simply see how much salt and dirt is on your vehicle. This will help determine the time frame of your car needing a car wash session.

Do you prefer washing your car yourself or do you bring it to a car wash?

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