A Russian hacker explains how he had the fate of the free world at his fingertips. Well, at least the fate of your favorite cat videos.

As you may or may not know, major companies will often pay those gifted with the "hacking" knowledge and abilities to test their products to find any ways that people with nefarious intentions could exploit them or take them down. In this particular case, a man from Russia named Kamil Hismatullin tested YouTube and discovered that with very little effort, he could take down YouTube.

How'd it all work? Here's a handy YouTube video about how he could have completely wiped YouTube clean:

And for saving YouTube, what'd he get? $5000. Yeah, that's all. Might not be the best idea to kind of lowball the dude who can figure out ways to destroy you, but hey, 5 grand is 5 grand I guess.

So next time you're reminiscing about how great this jam is:

Thank ya boi Kamil Hismatullin for saving you.