Make your trip to Storm King Art Center even more unique this summer.

One of the most unique experiences in the Hudson Valley, in my opinion, is Storm King Art Center. There are few places like it in the world! It's a 500-acre outdoor museum, according to their Facebook.

According to Storm King Art Center's Facebook, you can get a free color palette kit during your weekend visit. On Sundays and Saturdays, the free kits are available for you to draw your inspirations and renditions of the sculptures. The kit includes creative prompts, sketch paper, and colored pencils. Pretty much everything you need to start your own artwork during your visit.

The post reads:

Ask #StormKing staff while on your visit for a free color palette kit! The kit includes, color pencils inspired by Storm King's art and landscape, creative prompts, and sketch paper. Available Saturdays & Sundays.

While it doesn't state it, I think it's safe to assume they have limited quantities. It's also possible it could be one kit per group, but that has also not been stated. Storm King Art Center is currently open to visitors and it looks like some of their events will be back for this year. On their calendar, some free admission days, accessible driving tours, and special member events are listed. I know in previous years they've had events like a Summer Solstice dinner or yoga at Storm King, so hopefully, those great events will return.

While you plan your next visit, check out some of the art that will be waiting for you right below.

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