Free burgers from Shake Shack? Seriously? How can you make this 'dream' a reality?

Shake Shack if having a new promotion featuring their new app. It's called the 'Shack-App' and it can be used at any of the Shake Shacks nationwide, except for stadiums, ballparks and airports. The app has been designed to cut down on customer wait times, because you are able to pre-order your food on it. (Dunkin Donuts has been doing the pre-order through their app for a few months and once you get the hang of it! It is great!)

Here is how you get the free burger. The first time you use the app to pre-order your food use the promo code Shack-appy, you will get a coupon for a free Shackburger.

Local Shake Shack locations include the Cross County Mall in Yonkers and Woodbury Common Premium Outlet Mall in Central Valley, and Grand Central Terminal in New York City.