Sometimes I find myself looking for 'adult' assistance, wait, let me correct that to MOST times.  Even at my current age, I find myself calling my parents to ask seemingly simple questions about 'adulating' topics like...

  • when it comes to tax forms, how do I.....?
  • how long before I have to throw x item out?
  • how long do I cook x for in the oven?
  • do you store x in the fridge, or can it stay out --- this one, let's discuss further.

At some point we've all purchased an item and had that internal battle, fridge or counter, and it turns out, we aren't alone.  Thankfully, someone went ahead and compiled a list of 20+ items that most people wrongly store in their fridge, here's a look at some of my top picks from their list:

  • cereal (why are people putting dry cereal in the fridge?)
  • fresh garlic (guilty)
  • bread (apparently it dries it out)
  • tomatoes (guilty)
  • donuts (ew, why would you put them in the cold fridge?)
  • matured cheeses (I must be buying the immature ones :) my cheese always goes in the fridge)
  • peanut butter (my husband does this, WHY)
  • jam (but check the labels, some reduced sugar varieties need the cold)
  • apples (guilty at this very moment)
  • soy sauce (apparently a dark dry place is best, like when we throw the little packets from our take-out into a drawer)

The list goes on and on, check it out by clicking that link above.  I was surprised by many of them, and definitely feel like I am doing it ALL wrong when it comes to this topic.

Take a look at your fridge, anything in there that doesn't belong, or even worse, anything on your countertops or cabinets that should be in the fridge!!??  Do you agree or better yet, strongly disagree with anything on this list?