A Hudson Valley B & B up for sale was once an exclusive hangout for big-time celebrities and athletes including the one and only Babe Ruth. The Sleepy Valley Inn in Warwick was known as having the largest bar in Orange County and a world-famous selection of liquor and wines. That and close proximity to New York City attracted some of the world's most notable stars at the time like Fay Dunaway, Richard Kiley and others.

According to the Warwick Valley Chamber of Commerce, the property underwent major renovations in 2004 after falling into disrepair. Owners John and Peggy preserved the historical architecture including exposed beams, floorboards, and hand-built fireplaces.

It's fun to imagine sitting down at the bar next to 'The Babe' and ordering a beverage. At this point, it's fun to imagine sitting down next to anyone at the bar and ordering a beverage. The dining and bar area can accommodate around 80 guests and has been used for weddings, corporate retreats, and other private events in recent years.

Babe Bats
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Have a peek inside the Sleepy Valley Inn which is currently on the market for a million bucks. The 7.1-acre property features four B & B rooms along with four rented apartments in separate homes.

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