When does the fall season technically start? It's a question most of us have to double check every summer because the seasonal lines are constantly being blurred by the early release of one of fall's most popular flavors. People love pumpkin spice. People are passionate about it in some way. They either passionately love it or passionately can't stand it.

Those who love it will be able to get it right now at a local bar in the Hudson Valley that is also a hometown favorite.

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To answer the question the fall season begins towards the end of September.

We're not quite there yet but County Fare in Wappingers Falls, New York has unleashed the fall favorite already. The owner wanted to be the first to offer pumpkin spice in the Hudson Valley. I think he succeeded. I haven't seen pumpkin spice being offered anywhere in the Hudson Valley or even the country. Have you?

You enjoy Pumpkin Imperial Ale long before pumpkins even come out.


This might be one of the earliest signs of pumpkin spice on record.

It turns out that the record was actually beaten by County Fare themselves last year who had already tapped the kegs by the end of July.
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It looks like we might be able to start expecting pumpkin spice early in Wappingers Falls every single year.