A new project NBC is putting together in the Hudson Valley is seeking a local home that has a 1970s vibe inside and out. The Hudson Valley Film Commission recently released information pertaining to the new production and if you have any ideas you should reach out and they'll put you in touch with NBC.

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Anyone with a Hudson Valley home in mind should reach out the Film Commission at filmcommission@me.com. But that's not the only opportunity in the area right now.

Producers from another project are looking for a talent motorhome rental company in the Poughkeepsie area along with office space in Fishkill that could accommodate 40+ people.

A non-union project in the New Paltz area is looking for crew who are available from October 26 through November 20. Production assistants are needed who can handle driving a 16' box truck who aren't afraid to be around A-list talent. And, knowledge of standard walkie-talkie lingo is an added bonus. Also, a Grip/Electric Swing position needs to be filled, both are paid opportunities. Anyone interested in this position should contact greenveil.prod@gmail.com and don't forget to attach your resume.

The Hudson Valley Film Commission was found in the year 2000 according to their website. Since then they've help facilitate more than 500 productions including the recent Emmy winning HBO production 'I Know This Much Is True'. The financial impact of productions like this is staggering and has led to over $250 million in local spending on hiring Hudson Valley cast and crew and money spent on local hotel rooms, restaurants et cetera.

So if you know of a home with a 1970s vibe or have experience working behind the scenes in movies or TV, here's a few local opportunities to jump on.

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