Officials continue to investigate two more suspicious fires in Duthcess County

The City of Poughkeepsie's north side has experienced several "suspicious" fires and Saturday night was no different.

Firefighters from the city were dispatched to a fire at a vacant house at 44 Harrison Street for reports of a fire.

Firefighters were familiar with the address, having just fought a fire at that location two week ago. Fire departments from Fairview and Arlington were on there way to assist at the fire when reports of a second fire three blocks away at 97 Smith Street were received by 911. The Fairview and Arlington firefighters were redirected to the second fire.

Additional neighboring departments were called to fill the Poughkeepsie stations in the event of another emergency.
At both scenes, firefighters discovered small fires on two separate floors of the vacant houses. To ensure the safety of his firefighters and neighboring inhabited dwellings, firefighters were instructed to knock the fires down from the exterior prior to entering the building.

According to Chief Johnson, the goal of this tactic is to prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring houses which are susceptible to damage because of how close the houses are.

The City of Poughkeepsie Police Department has been tasked with determining the cause of Saturday's two fires along with several others that have been deemed "suspicious".