A Hudson Valley comedy fan caused a stir after loudly shouting "Kate Beckinsale" during Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson's set on Saturday night in Tarrytown. The story went national after US Weekly picked it up.

Christina Vazquez of New Paltz attended the show and had no intention of making headlines going in. But she did have this to say, "the show was taking a dark and depressing turn and I just wanted to remind Pete that something great is happening in his life right now."

Davidson has been in the news lately after a very public breakup with Ariana Grande. And because tabloid reporters don't have anything better to do, he recently made even more headlines after Kate Beckinsale was spotted "flirting" with him at a party. While Beckinsale has denied rumors of a hook-up, Vazquez's comment got Davidson's attention and he couldn't help but smile ear to ear.