When I moved to the Hudson Valley, there were so many things about living here that I loved. The beauty of the area, it's history, amazing art and artisans throughout the Valley, and the number and variety of diners-really good diners. When I was growing up in Pittsburgh, there weren't that many and while there has been a resurgence of sorts, they can't touch what we have here in the Hudson Valley.

We all have our favorites, but one of mine just made a national Top 20 list. Country Living magazine set out to find the twenty best diners around the country whether they had retro decor and menus to match, or were innovative in their menus while staying true to the diner spirit, they compiled a list of their favorites and the Historic Village Diner in Red Hook made the cut.

The railroad dining car, an example of the popular pre-fabricated dining cars made in New Jersey, was manufactured in the 1920's and remains intact today. When you step inside, you feel like you've stepped back in time. Their menu, however has not stood still. They are innovative in their offerings and truly have something for everyone on their six page menu.

If you haven't been there, make this a part of your next family outing, and if you've been there before, isn't it time you go back again?