There's a beautiful empty space in one Dutchess County area that would be perfect for a new business.

I've noticed some big changes in this one area in the Hudson Valley especially over the past few years. A lot of nice restaurants are there, other nice businesses are there and it has a cute downtown that you can walk in after dinner.

Any ideas of where I'm talking about?

What downtown area has a perfect place for a new business to open?

The answer is Fishkill, New York.

Fishkill has become a great place to enjoy a nice dinner, especially if you don't want to drive all the way to Newburgh or Beacon.

There are some great spots to check out like the:

You have some pretty great choices when it comes to dining out.

I was in the downtown area of Fishkill the other night and when I was walking down the main street I noticed there was a beautiful empty building. It was right near The Tomato Cafe and it's literally right in the main section of Fishkill where everyone walks by (SEE BELOW).


Take a good look at it, there's so much potential with this spot and the brick on the outside looks beautiful.

Now this is a perfect spot for a business to go into, but the real question is what business should go into this prime spot in Fishkill? Is there something Fishkill is really missing and we could use and need?

My thoughts were a country style bar, cute coffee shop or a place that makes just desserts.

Do you have any ideas what should go into this spot in Fishkill? Let us know on the station app:

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There are so many great opportunities for a new business to open up here in the Hudson Valley and everyone here is very welcoming to new people.

We'll keep you posted when we know more details on what's happening with this empty space.

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