I'm a big fan of my MoviePass, even if I'm not sure how long the company can stay afloat. I pay ten bucks a month, and I get as many movies in the theater as I can see. It's a deal that's arguably too good to be true, and since the company is bleeding money, it probably is. But they're moving forward with more ways to innovate their subscriber-based service.

One of the biggest complaints about MoviePass so far has been the fact that it's really only useful for single moviegoers. That's fine if you go to the movies alone frequently, but if you're out with your friends or putting together a family outing, it makes things a little more complicated. Now, MoviePass is saying they're going to introduce a family plan sometime next month. 

And somehow, they're saying it would cost the same as a normal plan. Again, nothing about MoviePass's business model makes any kind of sense, but given the choice between spending like $70 every time I take my family to the movies or just paying $10 a month, I know which one I'd pick. At least until MoviePass goes down in a blaze of glory, burning hundred dollar bills as its helicopter crashes into the ocean, this seems like a cool option for Hudson Valley families.

Are you suspicious of MoviePass and how long it can last? Or are you excited to take your kids to see Incredibles 2 without taking out a second mortgage?

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