So, you got vaccinated against COVID-19 and you are starting to return to doing things that B.C. (Before Covid) you didn't even think twice about. You go to the grocery store, the gas station, out to eat and you have even gone back to the movies.

You notice that there are a few places that have still asked you to please continue to wear a mask, some places, not all. But what about the movie theater? What do they want you to do?

There are a few theaters that are going to be asking to see your vaccination card. Yep, you will need to show that, and a valid photo ID (you are asked to show the ID because of the amount of fake vax cards that are being sold on the internet).

Now do you think that this is helping you? Helping to keep you safe or this is just another attempt to circumvent your civil liberties?

Regal Crown Cinemas, downstate are requiring guests to show both the vaccination card and identification, or you won't be allowed into the movies.

According to an email that Regal sent out to all of their "Crown Members" if you are not vaxxed, you cannot come in. Here is what the email said about non-vaccinated guests:

If you have not been vaccinated, you will not be permitted entry to any of our locations within the New York City limits. Exceptions at the theatre cannot be negotiated, agreed or approved.

Is it still too soon to return to the movie theater? Or will you take your chances?

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