Gasoline prices have fluctuated a lot over the past decade. Right now, they are reasonable for most drivers. According to, the national average just two years ago was around $2.12 per gallon. There has been a slow but somewhat steady increase peaking last year around $2.68 per gallon.

Recently, the national average price jumped to $2.76 per gallon. Unfortunately for commuters, it might not stop there. As prices continue to rise we could see that number go up significantly by the end of spring.

Any gas price that is at least below $3, I've always considered reasonable. I'll never forget when prices were around $4 per gallon and seeing that price dip below $3 was a relief, especially since I was driving a 6 cylinder SUV at the time. It was costing me $80 to fill my tank. That's not exactly small change. It played a significant role in my personal budgeting situation.

America still maintains some of the cheapest gas prices in the world. The last time I visited Germany in the early '90s, their gasoline prices were over $5 a gallon and that is where they currently stay. Believe it or not, we have it pretty good here in the USA.