Tis the season that many people tend to do a little something extra for others that do for them throughout the year. You know, those people that make our lives that much easier; we're talking service providers like hairdressers, babysitters, landscapers, delivery people/USPS, your garbage/recycle staff, people in this line of work.


When it comes to tipping, though. Who and how much? When and how do you give? Are there any restrictions? Here's what we know.

Holiday Tipping Guidelines For Service Workers

A few weeks back I shared how excited my Amazon delivery person was to find the goodie basket I had left on my front steps with snacks, water, and hand warmers in it.

My mom shared that during this time of year, she likes to keep some singles and $5 bills near the front door to give to the delivery drivers who are constantly dropping off packages.

When it comes to USPS though, most people want to show their appreciation to mail carriers, but there are some regulations to keep in mind.

U.S. Postal Service Considers Cutting Mail Delivery By One Day
Justin Sullivan

According to the Wall Street Journal, mail carriers, legally, can't 'accept nonmonetary gifts worth more than $20 or monetary gifts at all. Gift cards can be a good workaround, though it’s still a legal gray area.'

Some people recommend baked goods or something homemade, but I'm not sure that everyone would be willing to accept gifts of that nature.

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What About Tipping Sanitation Workers?

I can vividly remember, even all these years later, my parents chasing the sanitation truck down the street, usually in the snow, just before Christmas in order to give the staff a tip.

Garbage Pick Up

While some people may still be running after the garbage truck this holiday season, or taping their holiday gratuity to the top of the pail with a giant bow on it, if you receive your sanitation from Royal Carting Service Co & Welsh Sanitation, they provide some clear instructions for how to best do this:

If you wish to show your appreciation to your driver this holiday season, you can mail a tip to us at PO Box 1209 Hopewell Junction NY 12533. Be sure to include your name, address and account number to ensure the tip reaches the right driver.

They go on to indicate that due to security reasons drivers are not allowed to leave their sanitation vehicles to accept tips.

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If you're looking for an inclusive guide as to who you should be gifting holiday gratuity and just how much, the experts at US News have mapped it out for you here.

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