*Full disclosure, its not just Hudson Valley honey that is being celebrated, but all honey is being celebrated during September, National Honey Month.

Do you think about honey other than when you have a cold or need to sweeten your tea? There are many other uses for it and the bonus is that living here in the Hudson Valley you have great access to amazing sources for locally produced honey.

What is raw honey? Raw honey is the unprocessed, unfiltered, nothing has been done to it. This is the honey that is just off the hive. Just like it was when the bees last touched it.

Can you eat the honey comb? According to FoodNetwork.com, yes you can eat it. It does have a bit of a waxy texture, but yes it is totally edible and will not harm you in any way.

What is the difference between clover and buckwheat honey? Clover honey is pretty much what you will see on store shelves all the time. It is the lightest in flavor and in color. Slightly sweet and clean on the palate. What is buckwheat honey? Buckwheat honey is almost black in color and has a much bolder flavor.

Where can you get local honey? Here are just a few places here in the Hudson Valley that sell their own honey:

  • Heather Ridge Farm, Preston Hollow
  • Beez' Raw Honey, Blooming Grove
  • Hudson Valley Bee Supply, Kingston
  • Catskill Honey Bee Gone, Delhi
  • Rockland Honey
  • Damn Good Honey Farm, Kerhonksen
  • Remsburger Honey & Maple, Pleasant Valley
  • Tousey Honey, Clermont

The above are just a few of the amazing honey farms that are in the Hudson Valley. Do you use honey for anything other than sweetening your tea? Let us know.

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