National Honey Bee Day will be marked or celebrated on August 18, 2018. Let's forget about that time when you were a kid and you were stung by a bee, but lets think about all of the good things that honey bees do. Here are just a few things that honey bees do or things we can do with their honey:

  • Honey bees are responsible for pollinating crops and flowers. They bring the pollen back on their legs to the hive and it will eventually be honey. We get beautiful flowers and our crops pollinated.
  • Bee's make "bee's wax" which people can use in candles, cosmetics and soaps.
  • Ok, the honey is really what everyone wants, right? You can use it in myriads of food applications, but according to several allergy sufferers, local honey can also help to relieve some of the annoyance of seasonal allergies.

What is your favorite use of honey or bee related products? Let us know, by commenting below.

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